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A Tiktok video where a college professor is seen babysitting his student’s five-month-old baby during an exam has gone viral and touched the hearts of many netizens.


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Unknown to many, Andres Basa Sequito, the babysitting teacher, also faces a difficult challenge in his life: helping a loved one who suffers from a chronic illness.

Surprising shot of glory

The video, which currently has 8.4 million views and 1.6 million likes, won the hearts of many as it proved that the duty of teachers is not just to give academic lessons to students, but that they also serve as a helping hand when needed.

“When I was handing out the copies of the test, I saw one of my students carrying her baby on her left arm and a ballpoint pen on her right hand, so I offered to carry and hold her child while she waited. because it was the best thing to do and so she could focus on answering the exam,” Sequito said in an interview with the Manila Bulletin.

The 43-year-old biology and vocational education professor has been teaching at Samar State University in Catbalogan City for 10 years now.

He said his student, Manilyn Barredo, brought his five-month-old baby girl to school for a pre-test on September 23 because her husband was at work and no one else was available. to take care of her baby.

Sequito shared that Barredo was anxious and thought she would get scolded for bringing her child to class, but his reassuring approach put her at ease.

“Sir, we, your students, are very grateful for giving us a teacher whom we can trust and who we can call our ‘tatay’. This is for you Master. My simple portrait to your kindness! Hello Sir” Portrait of Renzo Delarmente (Facebook)

“I asked for a wiping cloth and this is the one I slung over my shoulder, the good thing is the baby didn’t cry while I was carrying it,” he said in a mixture of Filipino and English.

Sequito also shared that he also babysat another student’s baby before, but this is the first time it has been caught on camera and has gone viral online.

He had no idea his other student was filming him as helping the baby’s mother complete the exam was her only concern.

After the Tiktok video got massive attention from netizens, Sequito said he received kind messages from people praising him for his kind gesture.

But according to him, “you don’t have to go viral on social media to be able to inspire people”. Just being nice and being “the reason someone smiles” is more than enough.

Stay strong in the face of life’s challenges

Despite the attention, Sequito shared that he also encountered challenges in his life.

“It doesn’t mean that because I’m a happy person, I don’t have problems in life. I struggled here and there,” Sequito said.

His wife suffers from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and “we have been financially exhausted for a few years, and mentally exhausted as well”. Despite life’s setbacks, Sequito added that he still tries to show his wife that “God is greater and that he will send people who will help us with medical expenses.” And I really marvel at how He works in so many ways. In a Facebook post, Sequito pleaded for help for his wife who is struggling with stage 5 CKD secondary to hypertensive nephrosclerosis.


“I knock on your good hearts at this time in hopes of soliciting any amount so that we can pay for his hospital bills and recurring medications for his treatment,” he said.

Sequito shared that slowly he was selling off his belongings to pay for his medical bills.

“My wife has battled this disease for a long time already, but I have never seen her give up or find reasons to stop fighting. We NEVER lose HOPE,” he said.

“Whatever amount you donate, it will be greatly appreciated. Your generosity means a lot to my wife and family,” Sequito added.

A tribute to a ‘unique guide and mentor’ Meanwhile, Barredo described Sequito as a teacher who looks ‘serious and dreadful’ but is kind and cheerful once you get to know him.

“At first sight, you will feel nervous and think he is a serious and terrified teacher. But I got the wrong impression; he is so kind, always ready to listen to our problems and a prankster,” she said in an interview.

We also learn a lot from him. I can’t say anything but admiration and salute him,” she added.

Barredo also thanked Sequito in a Tiktok video and mentioned that she didn’t expect her baby to go viral online.

For this upcoming World Teachers’ Day on October 5, Barredo shared a heartfelt message for her teacher who she affectionately calls her “teacher.” “Master, thank you for being our unique guide and mentor, it’s my great luck to have found a good teacher like you. Happy Teacher’s Day, master. I hope you can handle the hardships you are going through now Just trust our Almighty God, you will get through this, God always bless you master,” she said.



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