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University QC opens Center for Urban Agriculture and Innovation

Quezon City University QCU) launched the Center for Urban Agriculture and Innovation on Tuesday, February 15.

“This is part of our efforts to create a smart and sustainable city. Through this Urban Agriculture Center, we can learn how to further develop our urban agriculture initiatives and include our students and other stakeholders in the process,” said Mayor Joy Belmonte.

The program was launched in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) and through the Sustainable Development Affairs Unit (SDAU) of the Government of Quebec.

It will provide training and development activities to enable QCU to integrate urban agriculture into its curricula.

A bee farm is also part of the program, which has five initial colonies of bees funded by the QC cooperative.

The university staff has been trained by the Beekeeping Producers Cooperative in beekeeping.

“This program aims to reinforce our commitment to the sustainability of urban agriculture initiatives in Quebec. With our expansive campus land, we aim to maximize it by incorporating programs and projects that are aligned with city government development goals,” said QCU President Dr. Theresita Atienza.



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