Thousands of troops at Zambo vax sites for Bayanihan Bakunahan – Manila bulletin

Thousands of soldiers at Zambo vax sites for Bayanihan Bakunahan

Thousands of residents gathered at the various vaccination sites in the city of Zamboanga today, the first day of the country’s Bayanihan Bakunahan.

The mayor of Zamboanga, Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar, ordered Elmeir Apolinario, responsible for the implementation of the local interagency working group and responsible for disasters, to exploit all the sectors concerned to ensure the smooth running of the immunization program of the government.

Thousands of Zamboanga residents gather in a barangay multipurpose hall for the first day of Bayanihan Bakunahan on Monday, November 29. (Photo Zambo LGU / Manila Bulletin)

More than 50 vaccination centers have opened their doors to accommodate the adult and pediatric population for vaccination.

In addition to barangay multipurpose rooms and health centers, the local government has used shopping malls, schools, private and public institutions to serve as vaccination sites.

This is to achieve the goal of the city of Zamboanga to vaccinate 38,992 people per day.

City Hall Public Information Officer Sheila Covarrubias said there had been no reduction in the target so far, despite the national government‘s decision to reduce the number of target vaccines to nine million for the three-day activity.

Mayor Climaco reiterated his call to residents to submit to vaccination to obtain collective immunity for the city of Zamboanga.

The city of Zamboanga reached a vaccination rate of 38% last week.



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