Small Laude celebrates one million subscribers on YouTube – Manila Bulletin

Little Laude

When big stars from the Philippines reach a million subscribers on YouTube, they usually buy balloons that spell a million, take a picture and post it on their social media accounts. It’s because they’re not Small Laude. When Small hit one million subscribers, the ultra-wealthy socialite booked one of Metro Manila’s biggest event venues – the SM Samsung Hall, which seats around 2,000 people to celebrate her one million subscriber milestone.

I was able to get an exclusive interview with one of the richest women in the Philippines, and she is very excited about her event this coming Saturday. “Of course, I only booked the best venue for my followers. I wanted to book the Quirino kaso wala pala aircon doon baka magmantika ako stand. subscribers gave me the greatest gift of all, their love, so I wanted to return the love they gave me by throwing a big birthday party with them. I titled the event “ 1 million laughs” because each of my subscribers would certainly laugh at least once in one of my vlogs, of course, ako pa! So one million followers equals a minimum of one million laughs. Tama ba ang math ko? No bashing. I have invited many famous friends like Karyll, Mariel, Francine Diaz and the Beks Batallion (Chad Kinis, MC Muah and Lassy Marquez). Of course this event will be hosted by the best hostess of the Philippines, Giselle Sanchez!

My eyes popped out like the ones you see in cartoons. I suddenly checked my schedule on June 18 and luckily it was still free. So I agreed to host her event, which she asked out of the blue while I was interviewing her. This lady is amazing. She always gets what she wants. Maybe it’s his magic. Maybe that’s why his fans love him.

The reason why I particularly like him is his kindness and generosity. Before Small was big, when she was still small as her name suggests, Small already had a big heart. She has always wanted to help people, which is why we launched “Little Saturdays” during the pandemic. Thanks to the generosity of her husband, businessman, Philip Laude, the candy tycoon from the Philippines, we were able to feed 200 homeless people each week in Quezon City. I introduced Small to the Daughters of Saint Anne, and they collaborated to create Small Saturdays, a feeding program every Saturday to help the hungry, especially during the pandemic. This coming Saturday, the socialite-turned-philanthropist is presenting a check to the girls of Saint Anne in the amount of 100,000.00 pesos extending the feeding program for another 20 weeks. The Daughters of Sainte-Anne will not be the only beneficiaries, several other institutions and beneficiaries will also experience “Small’s Love”, including hairdresser Marcky Bernardino who has Parkinson’s disease. “Of course, let’s not forget my followers. I will have raffle prizes and games with cash prizes for them. Followers lang ha. No bashers,” Small said.



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