Simplify the delivery of health care in PH

A PROVIDER of technology-driven solutions in the healthcare industry recently announced its arrival in the Philippines with a virtual open house on April 13 to recruit 1,000 new hires to its contact center this year.

R1 is an industry leader in transforming the patient experience and financial performance of healthcare providers, whose presence in the country showcases a proven business model that quickly drives sustainable revenue improvements and cash flow while reducing operating costs and improving the patient experience.

“We are focused on the patient experience and the financial side of the service on behalf of the patient and the healthcare provider,” Kyle Rudolph Sherer, vice president of ED Shared Services, said at a press briefing. . “You could say we focus more on the revenue cycle, educating the patient on how they might pay for their medications.”

Choosing the Philippines as R1’s latest growth center complements the company’s core vision of bringing together the best people and technology to deliver innovative solutions that simplify the healthcare experience.

RI is looking to recruit 1,000 new employees by the end of 2022. The qualities the BPO seeks in new recruits will be based primarily on talent and then on some unquantifiable but distinctive Filipino values.

“Above all, it’s talent, the kind of skills to stand out in our particular operations,” said Krista Marie Katris, vice president of revenue cycle operations. “The Philippines is known around the world as the call center capital of the world, so the talent is here.”

“Now for our health department, what appeals to us the most in the Philippines is the culture of compassion among Filipinos. This compassion (or malasakit) from our agent is something that we could not teach. we could teach the American healthcare system, we could teach financial transactions, about our technology, but compassion for the patient is just ingrained in the culture in the Philippines. It’s something that would go a long way as our associates treat more and more customers,” added Katris.

The R1 system

As a leading provider of technology-driven solutions, R1 has introduced innovative products that leverage intelligent workflows and automation to help improve the patient experience and strengthen the financial viability of hospitals, health systems and medical groups.

Its technology platform delivers efficiencies that address key concerns of healthcare providers, including revenue optimization, staffing shortages, and skyrocketing labor and cost costs. exploitation that have been exacerbated as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its use of automation and digitization also brings significant benefits to customers, patients and communities at large,

“The core technology that drives the R1 service is built into the hospital system. We are building a proprietary database environment,” Sherer said. “What’s great is that it’s a foundational tool that guides our agents to get all the information they need from the conversation with a patient. In that, R1 as a company is very patient-focused – as a healthcare service provider should be.

“Also, it’s just one system that our associates would have to deal with,” Sherer added. “R1 technology operates under an integrated system, a one-stop-shop that allows us to automate many tasks. We are truly at the forefront of machine learning and AI.”

There will be five waves of week-long in-depth training programs for new recruits. The training course includes an HR onboarding session, business ethics, an American cultural awareness session, and hands-on training on proprietary tools used by R1 and others. Needless to say, health protocols, such as wearing face masks and social distancing, will be strictly enforced during sessions.

“Throughout the training, there are several points of knowledge to impart about health care in written and conversational form,” Krista explained. “And as a potential agent goes through the healthcare experience, we engage our trainees in a lot of role play.

“We make sure the training also involves real interaction with live phone calls. We’ve spent years and years answering patient questions, so we can guide new hires through tough and easy calls. We let them have real-life experiences that we think are really important so they understand what they’re getting into.”

perfect future

Some issues have arisen in light of industries adapting to new protocols in the post-pandemic period. They gain a broader perspective in relation to the upcoming presidential elections in May.

“Let me put it this way. BPO is an industry that employs 1.2% of the population and contributes 9% of the GDP,” said Roger Salazar, Managing Director of R1 RCM Philippines. “So in terms of the industry that adds value, especially during the Covid period, I think it’s the only industry that drives the economy and it continues to grow, generates jobs, brings value and we will continue to do so for many years to come. It is becoming more and more important today.”

It’s a safe bet that the incoming administration with the longest experience at the highest levels of national governance would be much friendlier to the BPO industry.

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