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“It is time for President Marcos to put his foot in corruption, if only to show the people his firm determination to eradicate corruption and corruption”

There has been much misunderstanding and confusion following the Sugar Regulatory Administration’s botched import of 300,000 metric tons of sugar that observers have rightly called a waste.

The confusion has arisen from the debate over whether or not there is a real sugar shortage.

It is now very clear that the alleged sugar shortage was artificial because it was caused by a lot of hoarding and profiteering, as evidenced by customs raiding warehouses with a lot of hoarded sugar in Bulacan and Pampanga.

And the so-called hoarded sugar bags used recycled import permits.

Santa Banana, those hoarded bags of sugar were actually smuggled.

And, my gulay, smuggling through customs happens every time at the end of a president’s six-year term. Smugglers and profiteers do this to take advantage of the change in personnel at customs.

I used to cover customs when I was the business editor of the Philippines Herald in the 1950s and 60s.

I know for a fact that there is a lot of monkey business going on at customs.

For getting around the law, I have to give customs geniuses how to do it.

My gulay, there had been instances where dutiful cargo shipments had simply disappeared without reaching their destination ports.

And I know that every time there is a change of administration, there is contraband.

The worst thing that happens every time a new administration takes over customs is the smuggling of illegal drugs.

Santa Banana, where do you think the illegal drugs that are reported by the media and seized almost daily by the police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency come from? Contraband at customs, that’s it.

Getting back to the sugar import mess that created a lot of misunderstanding and confusion, in an effort by President Marcos to help the public in the wake of high sugar prices.

I must commend him for trying to persuade the President to prevent the escalation of sugar prices following an artificial shortage.

When it comes to these smugglers, it would be nice if BBM turned some heads, if only to underscore its zero tolerance against all manner of corruption, especially when it does so to the detriment of the people by creating artificial shortages.

For those who colluded with these smugglers at customs, BBM must also give up because they created this whole mess over a sugar issue.

When it comes to illegal drugs that are obviously smuggled through customs, the president should also show zero tolerance for customs officers who condone the continued entry of illegal drugs.

Whoever is responsible must face the full force of the law as the continued influx of illegal drugs becomes a threat to national security.

It is time for President Marcos to put his foot in corruption, if only to show the people his firm determination to eradicate corruption and corruption.

My gulay, when it comes to illegal drugs, syndicates and cartels will take advantage and take BBM for granted considering that a lot of money is involved in smuggling illegal drugs.

It’s basic and I’ve learned over years of covering customs that smugglers will never get anything through customs unless it’s in collusion with the customs officers.

President Marcos should not forget that customs also allowed the smuggling of vegetables into the country.


The House of Representatives this week received the draft law on general appropriations or the national budget for the year 2023 amounting to 5,268 billion pesos but of which almost ⅓ represent the interest and the principal that will be due the next year amounting to 1,600 billion pesos.

This means that priority budgets that normally go to education, health, social protection, agriculture, public works and national defense will have to settle for much less.

Education, for example, will only get 853 billion pesos; health 296 billion pesos; social protection 197 billion pesos and agriculture 184 billion pesos.

Recall that the previous Duterte administration had to scramble to obtain loans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which had to practically undermine efforts to reduce poverty and hunger and to the detriment of economic growth.

So, President Marcos must now reinvigorate job creation and reduce poverty by bringing the economy back to its strong growth during his six-year term.

The House has until October 2022 to draft the omnibus appropriations act before it is suspended.

Despite debt payments under next year’s budget, which will include a record 1.02 trillion peso principal amortization of 751 billion pesos, government debt payments will be due this year. , in addition to 582 billion pesos in interest, compared to 512.6 pesos this year. billion.

Indeed, with the reduction in the national budget proposed for next year which will go to the payment of debt service, it will be a great challenge on the part of BBM to reduce poverty and create jobs, two objectives that we had promised in his SONA or state of the nation address.


According to Secretary Erwin Tulfo, beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino (4Ps) program who had braved the crowds to get their education aid from the Ministry of Social Welfare and Development should deduct it from the conditional cash transfers and will have to return this they received from what they received as student financial aid.

Santa Banana is a big challenge!

The objective of the program is to promote investments in children’s education and health to help break the intergenerational transmission of poverty, while providing immediate financial support to the household.

According to Tulfo, if they had already used the amount, the agency understands it. “But since they received the amount, what they received will have to be deducted in installments so we can just adjust,” Tulfo reportedly said. I have to give Tulfo an A for his optimism.

First, whose fault is it that 4Ps grantees have already received their share of their education aid and also their conditional cash transfers?

My gulay, it is very clear that the 4Ps recipients got their share when it was mistakenly announced that the 4Ps recipients would receive their allowances and that they were entitled to receive their education allowances.

Under the DSWD policy, recipients of 4Ps are not eligible for Education Assistance for the Destitute, which amounts to P2,000 each for primary school students, P2,000-3,000 P for high school students and P4,000 each for college students.

On the other hand, 4Ps beneficiaries receive a minimum of P1,650 and a maximum of P3,450, depending on the number of children they have.

Parents can get 300 pesos for each child in middle school and 700 pesos per child in high school.

Santa Banana, how the DSWD will adjust this confusion is something Tulfo needs to work out.

I say this confusion is the result of Tulfo’s eagerness to get credit for trying to help people.

How Tulfo resolves this confusion will be a litmus test for his ability to run a department.


The increase in COVID-19 cases in other areas outside of Metro Manila is clearly the result of many people attending parties and going to beaches without masks and not caring about the protocols of health.

This is pure and simple stupidity.

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