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Serious, even worrying terrorist threat in France: Minister

PARIS, France — The terrorist threat remains severe in France, even “worrying,” French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said Friday in an interview with French daily BFM TV.

“The main threat comes from inside the country with self-radicalized individuals attacking with unsophisticated weapons such as knives,” Darmanin said, summarizing the current security situation in France.

But the foreign terrorist threat arriving in the country still remains significant as the intelligence services are receiving “more and more signals”, he added.

France’s interior minister said France had improved in the fight against terrorism, but “absolute zero risk does not exist”.

“We have suffered two attacks since last year, but foiled six attacks,” said the Minister of the Interior.

Darmanin said the attackers are now mostly young and becoming radicalized via the internet.

He confirmed government monitoring and observation of prisoners in prison and after their release.

A total of 22,000 people are being monitored by the country’s intelligence services, including 4,600 foreigners, the minister said.

Of the 4,600 foreigners, 1,200 foreigners are actively monitored and 780 foreigners have been deported in the past four years, he added.



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