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In a rare unanimous decision, the Senate issued a resolution calling for the immediate suspension of online cockfighting or e-sabong operations nationwide. It came after the chamber began its investigation into the curious case of 31 sabungeros (cock fighters) associated with the electronic gambling system who suddenly disappeared without a trace.

E-sabong flourished in the first two years of the pandemic and attracted thousands of punters who stayed home during the shutdowns. Malacañang allowed holders of legal e-sabong licenses to continue operating and instead ordered the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. to fully investigate the mysterious disappearances within 30 days from March 8.

Meanwhile, Filipino company MetaDhana Studio offers a game-free alternative to e-sabong called “Rooster Wars”. Mikhail Jon Peñalosa, Managing Director of MetaDhana, announced that the comprehensive tech startup will launch play-to-earn gaming this month to give online gamers the chance to try out a new gaming experience.

“Rooster Wars” is a non-fungible token (NFT) fighting game inspired by classics like “Street Fighter” but with simpler mechanics. Built as a player versus player game, it is inclusive in terms of gameplay while remaining competitive. It also comes with a free-to-play option so players can experience a “rock, paper, scissors” type of fighting game with added depth.

Unlike e-sabong, which uses live fighting roosters, “Rooster Wars” has animated roosters that are upgraded by completing levels in adventure mode, lining them up in a virtual battle arena, and competing in battles. team fights.

Since these roosters are just cultural representations in animation format, no animals are harmed in this cruelty-free game and no players go missing inexplicably. As an NFT game, it features a unique self-contained circular economy using an ERC20 utility token called $GWIT with a limited supply and off-chain in-game currency to farm, breed, train, upgrade, and revive virtual roosters.

Peñalosa said, “We did extensive economic research and financial modeling when designing ‘Rooster Wars’ with the goal of creating a sustainable economy for players. Economic design is a hybrid between the subscription model and the self-payment capabilities that decentralized finance offers. On March 6, MetaDhana hosted a Twitter Space event for “Rooster Wars,” followed by a Discord whitelist invite contest that will run for nine days until March 16. Whitelisted NFT collectors can strike discounted Genesis Eggs from March 17-18. will be back from March 19 to April 18.

Filipino gamers and esports enthusiasts will now have a locally developed game inspired by the “materia” system of the popular video game “Final Fantasy VII”. As the developer of “Rooster Wars”, MetaDhana leverages artificial intelligence, game development, visual media production and blockchain technologies in its product line.

A study by Australian search platform Finder.com found that 32% of Filipino internet users currently own an NFT and that the Philippines ranks first among 20 countries across four continents in terms of NFT adoption.

The author is chief financial officer of the Asian Center for Legal Excellence and chairman of the Finex Media Affairs Committee. The opinion expressed here does not necessarily reflect the views of these institutions and the Manila Times. #FinexPhils www.finex.org.ph

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