Robredo: Good governance is the key to business growth

ROBREDO SPEAKS Vice President Maria Leonor ‘Leni’ Robredo is featured at the “Meet the Presidentiables” Economic Reforms in the New Frontier conference co-presented by Finex, the Federation of Chinese Philippine Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc., Cignal and The Manila Times as media partner on Friday, January 21, 2021. Attorney Mike Toledo, Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs, moderated the ongoing forum for candidates for the May 2022 elections. FORUM SCREEN CAPTURE

VICE President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo is committed to creating a more transparent, ethical and trustworthy government that will drive the growth of the corporate sector.

“How do we envision a better future for our nation, for those who look to us for direction, strength and hope? How do we move our country from a state of response and survival to a state of growth and prosperity?” Robredo said at an open forum on Friday, “Meet the Presidentiables: Economic Reforms in the New Frontier,” hosted by the Financial Executive Institute of the Philippines (Finex), the Federation of Philippino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (FFCCCII), Cignal, and The Manila Times, as well as other organizations.

Robredo, who is running as an independent candidate for the presidency, laid out his economic platform and stressed the importance of economic reform to solve the problems facing the country.

She anchored her presentation on two strategies: the Kalayaan sa Covid plan and the Hanapbuhay Para sa Lahat Jobs plan.

The first set of policies focuses on the coronavirus and the health issues it has brought about, putting food on the table and improving the lives of Filipino children through education.

The second is a roadmap for increasing employment and livelihood opportunities, which includes unlocking the potential of industries and revitalizing important aspects of the economy.

Robredo said she would establish “a government that listens, has nothing to hide and therefore engages and actively seeks input, which it then turns into a consensus that considers all viewpoints.” .

Her administration will be guided by a moral compass and will strive to earn the trust of the people and make them feel they have someone to lean on in times of crisis, she said.

“To the business community, this sends a very clear message that the laws will be enforced fairly, that our institutions are resistant to corruption, and that if vested interests try to game the system, the government has the will and the strength to correct the situation and prosecute those who try to take advantage of it,” Robredo said.

She reiterated one of her slogans, “Gobyernong Tapat, Angat Buhay Lahat” (honest government, progress for all), which involves appointing people of good character, ability and integrity to government posts.

Robredo pledged to create a National Competitiveness Council to bridge the gap between government and the business sector, as well as develop and implement a plan to engage all stakeholders to make the nation more competitive worldwide.

“Under a more transparent, ethical and trustworthy government, the right national priorities necessarily open the doors to progress. My commitment to the business community: We will create an environment in which businesses have a chance to compete fairly. we will not focus on restrictions, and your voice will be heard as we work for the common good,” she said.

Robredo gave a final speech saying that “my track record is there for all to see. You know how I work. You know what I believe in. You know my intentions. I have absolutely no doubt that our values ​​and our dreams for the country is falling in. I only ask that you consider all of this, my story and that of my fellow candidates, as you think and decide in the months ahead.

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