QC father Hero Bautista leads bloodshed campaign


job October 26, 2021 at 11:25 am

Robbie pangilinan
Blood bags are regularly used in hospitals. In 2016, blood centers in the Philippines collected 920,000 units, but this is not enough to meet the country’s needs. The World Health Organization estimates that 1% of a country’s total population needs to donate blood in order to have a sufficient supply. This is why blood donation campaigns are crucial as they help replenish the blood supply in blood banks around the world.

Quezon City 4th District Councilor Hero Bautista regularly hosts blood donation events to help increase LGU’s blood supply. The last bloodletting of the counselor and his team took place at Dr. Josefa Jara Martinez High School in Tatalon, Quezon City, in coordination with Irene Canon from the principal’s office.

More than 115 people volunteered, including members of the Alpha Kappa Rho and Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity. Nurses from Tondo Medical Center supervised the blood drive. Officials from the UGL also attended the event. Partner of the Nap Marilag program of founder ng DUGONG ALAY DUGTONG BUHAY., Brgy Captain Rodel Lobo, Kagawads Reynate Manalo and Victor Del Rosario, and Brgy. The leader of Tatalon Purok, Eusie Antonio.

“This program is of great help to the community. This is why we do it monthly in the different barangays in our neighborhood. The blood collected here will be used to help the blood unit of patients in financial difficulty who need blood for their medical procedures and their hospitalization, ”explained Councilor Bautista.

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