On Jamie Rivera’s “Love and Light” and Tony Labrusca’s award-winning “Hello Stranger”

Inspirational diva Jamie Rivera is thrilled to return to the live concert titled “Love and Light” to be held at the Newport Performance Theater on April 30.

It’s been two years since Jamie performed to a live audience via a concert also billed as ‘Love and Light’, but it was a Valentine’s Day show.

Jamie Rivera and Basil Valdez

What excites her the most about this upcoming show is that she is sharing the stage with OPM legend and hit-maker Basil Valdez.

At the recent ‘Love and Light’ press conference held at Resorts World Manila’s El Calle Food and Music Hall last week, Jamie revealed that she had been a fan of Basil when she was young. . She still listens to his songs, as well as Leah Navarro’s songs.

One of her dreams when she started her singing career is to become the female version of Basil Valdez.

“It is an honor and a privilege to share the stage at a concert with an iconic singer like Sir Basil. He is a respected singer and everyone would love the chance to perform with him,” said Jamie.

According to her, doing this concert is a party. “We should be grateful that we all survived the pandemic and are still alive,” added the Inspirational Diva singer.

Even though she had done a zoom gig during the pandemic, Jamie says nothing beats the magic of a live audience. That’s why she is looking forward to the concert on April 30. She hopes a good crowd will show up and watch the concert.

“I know it’s also a risk they take to come and watch but hopefully they will. But we have to follow safety protocols because Covid-19 is still with us,” Jamie said.

* * *

Tony Labrusca is happy and grateful for the victory of their “Hello Stranger” as the best series and his tandem with JC Tolentino as the best BL Loveteam in the online magazine awards, beating the very popular “Gameboys” and the tandem of Kokoy de Santos and Elijah Canlas for the honor.

In an exclusive interview with Tony last Sunday, April 10, we asked Contract star Kapamilya about Hello Stranger winning, with him and JC winning Couple of the Year?

Tony Labrusca

Tony Labrusca

“We deserved it. And not just me and JC, but the whole village that created Hello Stranger deserved this collective pat on the back because we did something good with Xavier and Mico, and the whole show,” said he declared.

Why have many people turned to XavMi?

“I have a few points on that, the most superficial I think, we were probably aesthetically pleasing to a lot of people. The content was appreciated. They appreciated and liked what we’re saying. There was no political agenda and forced correction. No pretensions at all to feature two young men, who happened to be Xavier and Mico, falling in love with each other. We stripped the show of all the so-called ingredients that should explain this and that. The writers pool just stayed at the center of the simple and honest journey of two people who met at the right time and the right place, and fell in love. I can also say that the XavMi are characters dynamic and endearing Not only the two, but also the Young Padawans.

Hello Stranger fans are waiting if there will be a sequel to the BL series, but Black Sheep Productions said it will be a while before Tony and JC reunite again. Like Xavier and Mico, respectively. They want JC and Tony to do individual projects first. The tandem could be back after two years.

They also want Tony and JC to improve their acting skills so they can tackle more mature roles the next time they work together again.

Tony has completed three films, including one for Vivamax where he plays a sexy role. But he said it was the last sexy movie he would do for now.

Incidentally, Tony is leaving for New York on Sunday, April 17, because he has been offered a small role in the movie “Asian Persuasion” directed by Jhett Tolentino.

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