NFA chief denies bribery and bribery allegations

NATIONAL Food Authority (NFA) Administrator Judy Carol Dansal on Friday denied bribery and bribery allegations leveled against her by the agency’s Employees Association, and refuted allegations that her management is anti-employee.

In a hastily called press conference, Dansal addressed the “erroneous” and “misleading” accusations by former NFA employees and NFA Employees Association officials regarding the current handling of the agency.

She explained that NFA management does not recognize these individuals as union representatives because of their failure to meet the election requirements of the NFA Employees Association Constitution and their inability to represent at least 30% of core employees. as required by law.

“It is clear that their grievances are deeply rooted in the implementation of the NFA restructuring plan approved by GCG following the enactment of RA (Republic Act) 11203. This is a case already pending. in court. We would like to leave it to the relevant judicial and executive bodies to determine the veracity of their claims and set the record straight once and for all,” Dansal said.

GCG is the Governance Commission for GOCCs (Government Owned and Controlled Companies) while RA 11203 is the “Rice Pricing Act” which removes certain market functions from the NFA.

“Their malicious recourse to spread false information and misleading accusations against certain NFA officials is not tolerated and frowned upon, but as public officials we adhere to proper procedure to handle such matters in accordance with the law,” she added.

Dansal stressed that the press conference held by the association is a “weak” and “desperate” attempt “to sow uncertainty and doubt as we are in the process of implementing the NFA’s restructuring plan”. .

“Their statements are mere accusations. We have yet to receive a copy of the complaints filed by these former NFA employees, and when we do, rest assured that we will duly respond with legal grounds and supporting documentation. “, she added.

On Thursday, the Association of NFA Employees, led by its National President Maximo Torda, held a press forum to denounce Dansal and the current leadership of the NFA for alleged corruption and corrupt practices, serious abuse of power, blind contempt applicable laws, rules and regulations, and to be anti-employee. They even urged President Rodrigo Duterte to remove Dansal from his post to “save the agency from further deterioration”.

Dansal, however, has strongly denied all charges against her. “We’re not anti-worker,” she said.

Additionally, the NFA chief also hoped the association would be truthful in their statements, saying their “reckless actions of spreading misinformation and negativity could impact not only the agency they once served and loved, but also about the Filipino people, whom the agency ultimately serves.”

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