Hidden Cam – Natural Massage Chair – Virtual Telephone

My wife and I have been playing around with a new product called the Hidden Cam Massage Chair. It’s a massage chair that takes advantage of a relatively new technology called digital signal processing, or DSP.

“What is that?” you might ask? Think of it as satellite radio–the technology is just that sensitive and needs to be amplified to properly deliver a natural-sounding quality.

Here’s what happens when you take satellite radio to its limit


Instead of having a CD that plays all the time, digital signal processing tries to find the most efficient and consistent frequencies. If it can’t find a consistent signal, then it’s not going to playback anything.

That’s the same technology we’re talking about when we say the DSP is at its best when trying to get high-frequency tones to be heard by our ears. So our product is one that gives you a natural-sounding massage and a more soothing one at that. We call it the Hidden Cam Massage Chair.

The patented technology inside the HCM is really the key. We’re taking the body’s own signals–its own signals that would indicate pain–and converting them into a digital signal so the sound of the massage can come out clearly and naturally.

There are no wires to run through, no cords to worry about and no special equipment to buy; all you need is your home computer or laptop, a microphone, and some special audio software. A basic “Virtual Telephone” package will do the trick for you–the software will track your position and provide a private base station for the DSP, that is if you don’t want to use your own telephone.

One side view of the chair has the base unit attached to your lap

massage chair

and another is put underneath the seat, in the middle of the seating surface. Your upper arms rest on the armrests, which has a pad between the two halves. The feet rest on the floor underneath, and a small console on the back of the chair lets you control the speed and the pressure of the massage.

Of course, you could turn the DSP off, but you wouldn’t be getting a massage, would you? The HCM is designed to play a very subtle ambiance and stress-relieving music while you work. If you want to take a break and just relax–who would care if you were getting a massage?

Some folks don’t use the DSP because they don’t want to take the risk of giving their bodies a type of massage that would make them feel awkward and uncomfortable. It’s very much like putting your arms through a machine and feeling as though you’re working in a microwave–and that’s not what it’s for.

Some people have arthritis in their wrists, for example, and a DSP would not be the right tool for them to use. With a massage chair like the HCM, you can leave the DSP on while you work with an actual masseuse–as long as you are wearing a comfortable and well-fitting, loose-fitting robe.

It’s like owning your own personal spa that’s right in your home

personal spa

You can put it in a private place, under your control, and you can choose the environment and the kind of atmosphere you’d like. You can set up your own atmosphere with the graphics on the touch screen–anything from “relaxing” to “sexy.” It’s your business, and you can make it a very relaxing one.

So, whether you have arthritis or are looking for something a little more intimate, or even if you just want to relieve your mind of some tension, consider a mechanical massage chair. The HCM is an excellent choice–your money’s worth.