Manila Zoo considered COVID vaccination site

Newly renovated Manila Zoo. Photo taken in December 2021. ABS-CBN News/Dossier

The Manila city government plans to open the Manila Zoo as a vaccination site for minors and seniors aged 60 and over.

According to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso, the LGU aims to use the newly renovated amusement park as an additional vaccination center in the coming week.

“Within hours, within a day or two, 48 hours or 24 hours, makakakuha na kayo ng abiso sa’min (you can hear notice from us),” Domagoso said on Saturday.

Domagoso said the planned project had two goals.

“So we thought, dahil any request to Manila zoo, at least give a glimpse. And of course the mapapasyalan dito – open air, maaliwalas. Double aim pa, maipapasyal nila ang kanilang apo o yung mga lolo and lola” , he explained.

(We thought of this because people are asking for access to Zoo Manila. If we do, at least they’ll also get a glimpse of the facility. They can already visit some areas here, which are outdoors and so it’s a dual purpose as grandkids and grandparents can walk around too.)

“At the same time, di kami nakiligaw is a goal that is the protection of the tao, ‘yung added protection,” he added.

(At the same time, we’re not straying from the goal of giving people extra protection.)

To ensure that sanitary protocols will be strictly adhered to and implemented, Domagoso said the zoo’s daily pedestrian traffic will be limited to 500 or 1,000 people only.

“Of course, on behalf of the IATF, due diligence will be observed by the city – ika-cap natin. Ibig sabihin, magkakaroon ng inscription. Ilo-launch the Manila Zoo website, for a love affair with great excitement,” he claimed.

(In order not to violate IATF guidelines, due diligence will be observed by the city in setting a cap. This means there will be a registration process. We will be launching a Manila Zoo website where interested persons can register.)

The mayor of the city of Manila said the plan had already been approved by medical experts.

“Nakita appoints Vice Mayor Honey of Doc Pok today, did not approve the doctor, he is using Manila Zoo as a vaccination center. Open space vaccination area, tapos maaliwalas pa,” he said. He underlines.

(Vice Mayor Honey and Doc Pok, we talked and the doctors approved that this Manila zoo can be used as a vaccination center. It’s an open space and cool vaccination area.)

Like previous local government efforts, the upcoming vaccination site will be open to residents and non-residents of Manila.

“Para dito naman, minors, 12-17 years old, in the coming days. Pero ‘pag dumating na ang bakuna (para sa) 5-11 years old, pwede na rin natin sila bakunahan dito,” Domagoso said.

(This way, it will be for 12-17 minors in the next few days. But if the vaccine for 5-11 year olds, we can also do the vaccination for them here.)

He continued, “Tapos yung magulang, pwede magpa-booster. Yung lolo to lola, pwede na rin magpa-booster.

(Our parents can get their reminder here. Our grandparents can also get their reminder here.)

The move, the mayor said, comes after the local government saw an increase in the number of people seeking vaccinations.

“Once nakita natin yung response to your 24/7 drive-in booster caravan in Luneta… Last night nagdagdag took two more lanes. But still, even the application for tao nagpapa-booster. So, nakikita namin, adjust kami nang adjust and kung papaano namin mapagpapabuti to do effective and efficient booster vaccination for child immunization,” he said.

(First, we saw people’s response to our 24/7 drive-thru booster caravan in Luneta…Last night we added two lanes there. Still, demand for people receiving boosters continues to increase. We are adapting to find ways to improve and make our booster vaccination more effective, including for children.)

Once launched, Domagoso said vaccination at Manila Zoo will be done daily.

“At the same time, tuloy pa rin ang health center, eskwelahan, sa malls. Ngayon, may Manila Zoo na – most likely,” he said.

(Vaccination at health centers, schools, and malls will continue. And most likely, there will be one at the Manila Zoo.)

“Kaya Ibang lolo and lola natin says in Luzon or Metro Manila, basta website pages and bukas na yung registration, tira na kayo, punta na kayo dito. This is going to be a daily thing. Nakapamasyal na kayo, naproteksyonan niyo pa”, he added.

(So, to our grandparents in Luzon or Metro Manila, once the site and registrations open, go ahead and come this way…You get vaccinated and enjoy the place at the same time.)

Domagoso also announced that it was preparing to open another vaccination site “nearby”.

“Can iniisip pa kami na a site for additional four-wheel drive-thru. Pero, we will check the installation first… fit para yung, konti na lang,” he said.

(We are considering an additional drive-thru vaccination site, for 4-wheelers. But we will check the installation first…so adjustments will only be minor.)

He continued, “The only thing we will bring is bakuna to the doktor. Tapos tao na lang. Yung otao na lang dadating— so easy, fit, base on doctors evaluation. Open space, nakakapasyal pa tapos, walang gastos tapos.

(We will only bring vaccines and doctors. Then people will just have come, because the facility is in good shape, according to the doctors’ evaluation. It is an open space, people can walk around and spend nothing.)

He gave no further details.

As of this writing, the Manila Health Bureau has administered 3,132,434 COVID-19 injections.


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