Manila Government and Globe Business Help Public Schools with Data Plans for Online Learning – Manila Bulletin


The Manila City Government will provide public school students with free access to e-learning platforms as part of Globe’s BatangMaynilaSurf plans. The telecommunications giant has also donated 11,000 LTE handheld mobile Wi-Fi devices to the city for its public school teachers, as they prepare for blended learning programs to be defined by the Education Department ( DepEd).

Meanne Quiambao, Vice President of Corporate and International Sales, Globe Business and Mayor of Manila ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso

Schools will implement blended learning, a mix of face-to-face and online lessons, so students can continue their education amid COVID-19. Classes can be delivered using various channels such as television, radio, computer devices and learning modules and packages in both print and digital form.

“We value the education of the Manileños, which is why the government of the city of Manila is pleased to offer 110,000 tablets equipped with Globe SIM cards and 11,000 laptops paired with Globe pocket WiFi. Manila Mayor ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso said. “We hope that through this initiative and Globe’s continued service, more students and teachers in public schools will be able to maximize digital tools to create supportive and safe learning environments. “

The pandemic has made it difficult for the education sector to make quality learning accessible. This is largely due to the lack of digital technologies and internet connections within Filipino households.

“The government of Manila has continuously supported Globe’s efforts to build a strong network in the Philippines. They recognize that ICT connectivity plays an important role in nation building and is essential for Filipinos to participate in a digitally connected world, ”said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President of Globe Business. “Through Globe’s BatangMaynilaSurf plans and LTE Mobile WiFi devices, we aim to provide students and teachers with access to the online educational resources they need.”

Globe Business’s BatangMaynilaSurf Data Plan is specially designed to help students focus on their school activities and acquire a virtual space that protects them from the health risks caused by COVID-19. The personalized plan allows students to access only school-related websites and apps. The plan is also already pre-activated during distribution, with Globe updating the data allocation monthly through its Load Up platform.

In addition to being a trusted provider of digital solutions, Globe continues to work with local government units to build cell sites across the country. These towers, responsible for amplifying communication signals, allow individuals and businesses to achieve better connectivity. While the World Health Organization (WHO) considers cell sites not to be a health hazard, Globe hopes more organizations, like the Manila city government, will give their full support as the Telecommunications company strives to create a First World Internet through ICT infrastructure. growth, network upgrades and deployment of cell towers.



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