LOVE SPREE! Diego Loyzaga and Barbie Imperial react to different quotes – Manila Bulletin

After being spotted together recently, many noticed that former couple Diego Loyzaga and Barbie Imperial also “liked” numerous posts on an Instagram account sharing different positive and motivational quotes.

Coincidentally, the two “liked” a quote that read, “The universe will replace people who don’t love you back.” This is why love is never lost, it is only found.

Meanwhile, Diego also reacted to the quote: “It’s painful to say goodbye, but trust me your life is now saying hello to you.”

Also: “Notice people who celebrate your accomplishments, wish you a happy birthday, get excited about your goals, and encourage you to do better without losing your sense of yourself. These are the people worth keeping.

And: “This risk that you are afraid to take will change your life.”

On the other hand, Barbie “liked” these quotes:

“Anyone can treat you well for a short period of time, but it takes a special person to treat you again and again, for the rest of your life.”

“Sometimes all you need is your best friend.”

“Emotionally mature people don’t treat others badly, even when they feel bad.”

So what really happened to their “date?”

Were they able to work things out or was the meeting just a “closure”?

Recall that last month, after weeks of speculation, the sexy actress finally confirmed that she and Diego had indeed broken up.

In a previous interview, Barbie claimed she’s not one to get back together with an ex, “ever.”

“Wala talaga, based on experience,” she said. “Wala akong binalikang ex.”

As to why, she explained, “Kasi no’ng time na ‘yun na magkasama kami, sana ‘yun na ‘yung time na okay lahat, na do’n gagawin kung anuman ipu-prove. Parang, you had your chance.



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