Lacson-Sotto will reveal more ideas for the government during the exits

Partido Reporma President and Flag Bearer Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson and his running mate, Senate President Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III are still fine-tuning their good governance agendas before fully embarking on their respective national campaigns in the next national elections in 2022.

In a recent interview with TV journalist Mike Abe, Lacson said he and his partner weren’t done yet with their proposed solutions to the most pressing issues plaguing our country, as they plan to include more recommendations from the people they consulted at the base.

“Because, you know, in the beginning we went around the country first to take the pulse of our people. What are the issues on the ground, in the business community? We talked to everyone” , said the former policeman turned veteran legislator on DZAR radio.

“So we consulted the experts to determine what are the possible solutions to the problems that we have consolidated from the ground up. We built on that, which was the basis for our initial platform, but it’s not final yet. We are still fine-tuning it,” added Lacson.

Meanwhile, local farmers have asked for help to defend their livelihoods amid the challenges posed by the pandemic and rampant agricultural smuggling, as they thanked the Lacson-Sotto tandem for shining a light on their fate.

The Benguet farmers’ group complained to Lacson and Sotto that it was as if their incomes were being stolen from them – by those they relied on to protect them from these threats.

They also said that farmers not only contribute to the country’s economy but also ensure the health of the nation through the fresh fruits and vegetables they provide to Filipinos daily.

At the outset, Lacson has already mentioned that some of his priority programs would include his future-proof strategies to pull the nation out of its economic slump due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his “Education Plus” program, the construction of better defense for the West. the Philippine Sea, digital governance policy, a more humane approach to the war on drugs, and other agendas, to name a few.

Lacson also thanked professional journalists and media organizations, who objectively present and communicate what he and Sotto offer the electorate, especially now that the election season is heating up weeks before the official campaign period begins on February 9. .

Partido Reporma leader said it helps him and his campaign team to reach a lot more people because most of the time he and Sotto focus on meeting ordinary citizens and consulting experts to find more effective solutions to the persistent problems of our nation. .

“Hopefully, our messages could be communicated well so that they reach all of our citizens, so that they understand (our programs). Because our current situation is so difficult that it could not be explained in light conversations. Our issues are too heavy, Mike, for us to ignore,” Lacson said.

Lacson and Sotto hope to restore public trust through good governance and more effective anti-corruption measures under their leadership. Their common pleas are anchored on the slogan “Aayusin ang Gobyerno, Uubusin ang Magnanakaw” (Fix the government, get rid of the thieves.

“Thank you, sir, for intervening. [through the Senate hearing]was the short but moving statement of Agot Balanoy, director of the multipurpose cooperative Hi-Land Farmers, as she expressed her gratitude on behalf of vegetable growers in Lacson in Baguio City, whom the presidential candidate has recently visited.

Balanoy said farmers now have hope for justice for agricultural crimes against them because they know Lacson has made it a priority to monitor the sector and address their complaints, especially with the contraband that kills local industry.

On his Facebook page, the longtime civil servant posted #WalangNakawanNgKabuhayan (No Stealing of Livelihood) to uplift farmers and businesspeople, who are still recovering from the debilitating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let us elevate the dignity of our local farmers by patronizing and buying their produce. Let us help them so that their livelihood is not stolen from them,” Lacson said in his message.

In the recent Senate investigation, Lacson criticized the free movement of contraband agricultural products into the country such as strawberries, carrots, etc., which flood local markets and artificially depress prices, to the detriment of local farmers’ incomes. .

This is despite a set of regulations and processes imposed by government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Customs Bureau on local producers, which protect foreign interests instead of Filipino livelihoods.

“It is normal that it is local products that flood the markets and are purchased by Filipino consumers,” said the former national police chief.

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