Japan bans export of chemical weapons to Russia

TOKYO: Japan has expressed serious concern over Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine as the government spokesman on Monday announced an additional ban on exports of chemical weapons-related products to Russia.

“As the only country in the world to have suffered nuclear attacks, we strongly demand that Russia’s threat or use of nuclear weapons never occur,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said during a meeting. a regular press conference.

Matsuno was responding to a question about U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s comments on Sunday about CBS reports that the United States would act “decisively” in the event of a Russian nuclear attack on Ukraine.

When asked if Japan endorses the possible use of nuclear weapons by the United States against Russia, Matsuno declined to comment on the grounds that it was a hypothetical question.

The Japanese government on Monday banned the export of materials that could be used for chemical weapons to 21 Russian organizations, including scientific laboratories. The measure was approved by Cabinet following a decision by Group of Seven foreign ministers last week.

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