Group asks polls to present their program to teachers – Manila Bulletin


A group has called on candidates in the May 2022 elections to review their comprehensive agenda for teachers and education workers in the country.

“We have witnessed several forums and even debates where candidates, especially those running for the highest office in the country, have presented their plans, unfortunately we have yet to see a proper platform that responds to the needs of our teachers and the education sector in general,” said Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) National Chair, Benjo Basas.

The group also presented their “13-Point Teacher Dignity Agenda,” which emphasizes teachers’ rights and well-being.

These include increased wages, compensation for those affected by Covid-19, free higher education, free provision of laptops and internet services, and establishment of a separate insurance system and hospital for teachers, among other benefits.

In addition, TDC also highlighted some demands that would help address children’s learning, such as curriculum change, reduced class sizes, provision of books and other materials and facilities, and adequate funding. for the safe return of in-person classes.

“We want to ensure that for this upcoming election, education sector issues will be brought center stage along with the pandemic response, economic plans and foreign policy platforms of the candidates both at executive and in the legislature,” Basas said. noted.

Basas explained that they will invite applicants to discuss their program and will be willing to provide a forum for them to reach out to teachers and present their plans.

“If the candidates agree with all or part of our specific requests, we will ask them to sign a document, a kind of commitment protocol, so that they are compelled to keep their promise, under penalty of reprisals”, Basas said. noted.

“We are ready to participate in exploratory discussions with them if they wish,” he added.



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