Gratitude – the theme for Jonn Walter’s new single

Former Down by 18 frontman Jonn Walter releases his new single “Ikaw” – one of his dream songs.

After having been the leader of the group Down by 18, Jonn Walter is now embarking on a solo musical career.

In a statement to Music Geek, the singer/songwriter revealed that the song is a dedication to his fans and friends who always support him.

“‘Ikaw’ is a very special song for me. It’s a song I wrote for my fans and friends who have been there for me from the beginning. Thank you for being part of my journey so far” , Walter said.

Released by Ant Savvy Music, “Ikaw” follows his warm-up single “Ulan”, released a week prior.

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“Ulan” has an important story behind it. It’s a song he wrote for his grandparents. The track is about heartbreak and how it changes and shapes our lives. Walter was 21 last year when his grandparents died, and the experience changed him forever. He had to deal with feelings of grief, anger, and confusion at such a young age, which led him to write the song.

“I knew I had to write this song for them because I could never say goodbye to them,” Walter said.

Walter is looking forward to writing more songs in the three languages ​​he speaks – Waray, Filipino and English.

“I love to speak Tagalog, mas ramdam, mas malungkot, mas expressive ako, mas madali its like to create pop songs using Tagalog. Hope we can do it like K-pop did, popularize bilingual songs.”

As an artist, he exudes a quiet maturity, but he admits that he really is a goofy guy. He finds himself in his element when he plays and when he is in the studio creating, surrounded by good people and, whenever possible, good food.

“The best environment for me would be one with good music, good food and good people. No negative vibes, food for everyone, and then I also take music seriously. So I would say – you would need to experience being with me in the studio because that’s where I’m the best,” Walter said.

From leader of the band Down by 18, Walter is now embarking on a solo musical career in 2022. With these two tracks, he proves that he is more than a leader of the band as he embraces different sounds, emotions, and genres to put highlighting its musical versatility.

“The solo path means you have to learn new things from new people every day, because it’s a daily learning process. I work with a team that wants the best for me. It’s a big responsibility and a even bigger challenge. and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world,” Walter said.

At the age of 18, Walter signed with Viva Records and performed with his band Down by 18 on various TV shows and live shows. Their hit song “Piring” topped the charts on one of the city’s most popular radio stations, and the group was nominated for an award at the 2019 PMPC Music Awards.

Several of the songs from Down By 18 have also been featured on Spotify playlists. In 2020, Jonn also wrote and performed a song called “Kulay Bahaghari” which was featured in a movie called “Hindi Tayo Pwede”.

This year 2022 promises to be a very promising year musically for Walter. He not only dreams of making hit songs but also performing in shows like Dubai Expo and other local and international music events.

He also makes sure to connect more deeply with his fans through digital content and more so he can take them with him on this journey to turn his dreams into reality, one step at a time.

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