FOTON closes 2021 with a larger and stronger presence in PH

Resolved in its determination to advance and intensify its presence, FOTON Philippines Inc. (FMPI) concludes 2021 with strengthened fleet partnerships in several sectors. Covering customer fleets ranging from start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational companies, the brand continues to attract more and more customers across the country.

Acclaimed as a one-stop-shop utility vehicle brand, FOTON presents a wide range of utility vehicles ranging from vans and midi trucks to light, medium and heavy trucks. What makes the brand stand out is its competitive performance coupled with long term durability, all at an unbeatable price.

E-commerce delivery services

As the public widely adopts online business platforms, e-commerce delivery services have become one of the most demanded industries in 2021. With FOTON’s efficiency in the rapid and rapid transportation of deliverables, the pioneering brand Growing J&T Express and GoGo Xpress choose to trust FOTON’s light trucks, the Tornado series.

To date, more than 500 units have been handed over to J&T Express, significantly strengthening its operations nationwide and meeting and exceeding the strict mobility requirements of the logistics company.

Trucking and transportation industry

FOTON is one of the most demanded brands in the trucking and transportation industries. It offers a full selection of dump trucks with dump capacity ranging from 4CBM to a gigantic 30CBM. In addition, the brand offers a series of tractor heads under the EST series. Two of its loyal fleet partners in the industry are Asian Ventures General Services and Cebu-based Arrow Go Logistics.

Charity and welfare

Traveling for charity and the greater good of Filipinos, the Philippine Red Cross trusts FOTON to provide essential goods to the needy in times of disaster and conflict. In 2021, the humanitarian organization acquired a fleet of Tornado Food Trucks equipped with kitchen equipment and tools, capable of preparing meals on site.

Public service in emergency response

Preferred by local government units (LGUs), FOTON is also aligned with emergency response units. In 2021, the units of TransVan HR Ambulance were handed over to the provincial government of Palawan. Ready for any emergency, the unit is equipped with essential medical tools and equipment in life-threatening scenarios.

Public transport

Supporting the national government’s campaign for innovation in public transport, FOTON Philippines has completed the line of modernized jeepneys from Class 1 to 3. The brand now offers four options for modernized jeepneys, namely F-Jeepney F11, F -Jeepney F24, F-jeepney F29 and F-Jeepney Class 3.

In 2021, FOTON F-jeepneys even expanded its fleet and local government partners, acquiring more routes in Sta. Rosa and San Pedro in Laguna, Gerona in Tarlac and Cebu-Mandaue.

Cold chain and pharmaceutical deliveries

With the emergence of the transport of medical products such as vaccines and essential pharmaceuticals, Pharmaserv Express relies on FOTON Tornado Refrigerated Vans for the transit of very temperature sensitive products. Operated with the best technologies, including the Thermo King, a Tornado M4.2C Ref-Van can provide cold storage as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

Livestock feed

Famous Pigrolac Premium Hog Feeds Reaches New Markets With FOTON As It Launches Its Mobile Action Team For Farm Penetration. Accompanied by its new fleet of Gratour MT Wing Vans, Pigrolac is rolling in the last quarter of 2021 with enhanced mobility.

Finally, FOTON Philippines also invested 2021 in improving performance and after-sales service, offering new programs including year-round discounts on spare parts, extended engine warranties and more on-site services. extensive.

If you have any questions, call your nearest FOTON dealer or sales hotline at 0999-999-9998. You can also explore and reach FOTON PH on various digital platforms via

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