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A NUMBER of repatriation flights scheduled to bring students and nationals back abroad have been disrupted by political unrest in the past month.

This is what Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs Collin Beck said on Sunday during a radio talk show on the national broadcaster-SIBC.

“While we are in a period of dismissal of our students in the country, some flights have been disrupted by the political unrest.

“Some flights are being disrupted by the recent event, so basically the watch will come together again trying to look at specific dates,” he said.

The government is still thinking of returning students and nationals and plans to reschedule flights on specific dates which will be updated soon for all.

“For students in Fiji and Vanuatu, rest assured, we are still thinking of you during this month, we are actually rescheduling flights for this month which will put flights on specific dates,” he said. .

PS Beck added that in mid-December and later they will definitely come back to the students to inform them of the thefts.

There will be two flights to pick up students and nationals in Vanuatu and Fiji as it will be insufficient for one flight to bring them back.

“One flight will go through Port Villa to pick up students and nationals waiting to return and the other will likely go to Fiji,” he said.

Beck also confirmed a flight from Indonesia; theft is for people who will be working on national projects.

The oversight committee will review all flights and put them on specific dates.

“All we’re trying to do now is try to match all the seats on the plane with all the beds, but mostly we’re trying to make sure that the test and all the pre-departure requirements are set.

“Everyone should be fully vaccinated before embarking on repatriation flights,” he said.

The government is also seeking to repatriate students to Authentic New Papua, Manila and Cuba.

“We are also looking at the students who are still getting vaccinated in Manila and there are recently graduated doctors waiting a few months in Cuba, too, Oversight will be looking to be repatriated,” he said.

Beck advises all students in Vanuatu, Fiji, PNG, Manila, and Cuba to confirm their names and pre-departure test with their host country’s high commission base.

For students in Manila, they will check with the Education Department for their returnee list and arrangements so that the watch committee can plan repatriation flights.

In PNG students, there are 79 students who have not yet returned to the country.

Press room, Honiara

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