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The 106th version of popular open-source web browser Mozilla Firefox reaffirmed the global nonprofit’s commitment to putting people first by rolling out new features that deliver on the organization’s promise to deliver web experiences that put the privacy and needs of people first when they connect.

Promote online privacy

A year ago, Firefox introduced privacy protections like Total Cookie Protection and HTTPS by default. For the latest edition of Firefox, just in time for the Cybersecurity Awareness Month celebration, the web browser has added a new shortcut button that users can pin to their desktop to quickly switch to private browsing mode when they wish. On top of that, Mozilla has added a modern look to Private Browsing with a new logo and now defaults to a dark theme to make it easier to know you’re in this mode.

Firefox View

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To help users navigate today’s Internet with ease, Mozilla introduces Firefox View where one can see up to 25 of their recently closed tabs in each window of their desktop device. You can also see the last three (03) active tabs on your other gadgets if you have synchronized your mobile devices. Firefox View will continue to be a place where web users can quickly access the information that matters most to them.

New collections of colors and wallpapers

In 2021, Mozilla launched Firefox Colorways, a new desktop feature that allowed users to express their most authentic personalities and bring joy while browsing the web. In March 2022, the organization rolled out a mobile version of its web browser with wallpapers.

For this latest release, a collection of limited edition colorways and wallpapers inspired by Independent Voices has been added. Behind the collection is streetwear and sneaker designer Keely Alexis, designer at Nike for Air Jordans and other sneakers. The Colorways collection was her first collaboration with a tech company where she created bold and vibrant color themes.

Firefox now includes a PDF editor and text recognition

Finally, Firefox now has a built-in PDF editor and adds text recognition features. Users of the popular web browser can now write directly into online forms and even add their signatures to PDF files.

For macOS 10.15 and higher Firefox users, the web browser now has text recognition features allowing them to separate and reuse text from an image (very useful with memes). This feature is also compatible with VoiceOver, the built-in macOS screen reader.



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