Enviro helps Filipino farmers bring soil back to life

EACH growing season, farmers use more and more chemical inputs to maintain the yield and high quality needed for the harvest. This results in a vicious cycle for the need for chemical fertilizers which deprive the soil of its essential nutrients.

In order to combat this anti-productive practice, the brilliant agripreneurs of Enviro have made it their mission to introduce biofertilizers to Filipino farmers. This sustainable method has been proven to return soil to its healthiest state of biodiversity and nutrition, increasing yields by 30-40%.

To ensure the effectiveness of its biofertilizers, Enviro has partnered with globally accredited specialists, government research centers, leading universities and top scientists to deliver an innovative product that not only benefits the environment, but also to the country’s food security.

One of the main missions of the company is to achieve balanced fertilization or the practice of returning the soil to its healthiest state.

“Balanced fertilization allows farmers to produce a healthy increase in yield, as well as nutrient-dense crops, contributing to the nation’s food in the Philippines that is free from destructive chemicals,” explained the Enviro co-founder, Prashant Dargani, encouraging soil rejuvenation.

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“We must do this today. We must be able to rejuvenate the land to a constant state of rich nutrients and bioavailability. Without this, we will never achieve food security. As we care for the land, so too so does he take care of us,” he added.

To help realize this brighter future, the company has worked closely with farmers, providing on-the-job training on how to maximize the use of biofertilizers.

These training centers, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and its agencies, focus on teaching them how to achieve higher yields, protect their crops from destructive pests, and use the latest farming technologies and systems.

Visit www.essi.com.ph for more information.

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