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Retired Police General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar has stepped down from service with a big jump in the Philippine National Police (PNP) trust and approval ratings.

Starting with 25th in the approval rating ranking and 22nd in the trust rating in the survey conducted for all government agencies in May of this year, Eleazar said the PNP is now 7th in the Ranking the Trust Score and 8th in the Approval Score based on the survey conducted last month by Publicus Asia.


“Nag-umpisa tayo sa is a hamon na maibalik ang tiwala and respeto ng ating mga kababayan sa kanilang kapulisan (we started with a great challenge to regain people’s trust and respect for their police). Today we claim the victory of this almost impossible task of doing it in just six months because from 25th in approval rating and 22nd in confidence rating before, we are now 7th in confidence rating and 8th in confidence rating. approval rating from all government agencies based on the survey conducted last month, ”Eleazar said in his speech.

Based on the PNP briefing on Eleazar’s speech, the Q1 2021 survey conducted in March found that the PNP ranked 25th for approval rating and 22nd for trust rating.

In a survey conducted in July, two months after Eleazar took over as PNP leader, the PNP’s ranking improved to 19th for approval rating and 18th for trust rating.

In last month’s survey, the PNP rose to 7th place for trust rating and 8th for approval rating.

“As I retire from service today after serving 38 years, I will carry fond memories with me of how, as your PNP leader over the past six months, the men and women of the Police Philippine Nationals believed in me and supported me with the primary goal of continually bringing back the integrity and dignity of the PNP, ”Eleazar said.


In his opening speech, Eléazar insinuated that the length of service has nothing to do with the success of the implementation of reform programs.

He later explained that when he assumed the most senior position in the PNP, the main challenge was to regain the trust of the population amid the harsh and sustained criticism of the police organization.


“The success of a victorious battle is not measured by the duration of the fights, it is measured by how each person on the ground is inspired to believe that the battle plan works to unite and achieve the victory the most. quickly possible, “he said.

“The biggest challenge I have faced in my more than three decades in the police force has been to implement drastic reforms nationwide in a short period of time – six months to be exact. That is why, since the first day of my election as the 26th Chief of the Philippine National Police, I have made sure that every day is a day of hard work, and that every day should be a day of police service ” , did he declare.

Review of the war on drugs

In addition to improving the image of the PNP, Eleazar said he was also praised for opening the War on Drugs documents at the Justice Department.

A memorandum of understanding was recently signed between the PNP and the National Bureau of Investigation to begin filing cases against 154 cops accused of abuses in waging the war on drugs.

The DOJ is set to review all drug war documents involving more than 6,000 deaths in anti-drug operations since July 2016.

“It is a bitter pill to swallow but decisions must be made because what is at stake here is the integrity and dignity of the Philippine National Police in pursuing their mandate to serve and protect the people. Filipino, ”Eleazar said.

“This is not the first time that we have encountered this kind of serious challenge for the organization. But like all challenges we’ve faced in the past, I’m confident we’ll come out stronger after this. It will not deter us and, in fact, will further motivate us to continually prove that we are a reliable, trustworthy and professional police organization, ”he added.

Body worn cameras

Eleazar was also credited with initiating full transparency and accountability in the conduct of the war on drugs by facilitating the distribution of nearly 3,000 body cameras to police units across the country.

But before the cameras were used, he initiated coordination with the Supreme Court to come up with a guideline on their use to spare police officers from legal issues involving privacy, as well as other technical details that may be required. used for unwanted matters which would be brought down by the police.

Coordination protocol

One of Eleazar’s most notable accomplishments was when he initiated the drafting of the memorandum of understanding with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) following the deadly disagreement between Quezon City police and officers. PDEA in February of this year.

The agreement was signed in July and was hailed by PDEA Director General Wilkins Villanueva as the first time that the PNP and PDEA have proposed a coordination protocol after 20 years of working together on operations of fight against illegal drugs.

Multi-billion shabu

In September of this year, the coordination protocol was put to the test and yielded positive results, as a joint PNP and PDEA operation resulted in the confiscation of over 6 billion shabu pesos in just two days of operations in Zambales, Bataan and Cavite.

The operation in Zambales resulted in the death of the main contact of an international drug union in the country while the operation in Cavite resulted in the death of the main distributor of shabu in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces and in Mindanao .

Fall in crime

Within months of assuming the top PNP position, the nation’s recorded crime rate has fallen 64% over the past five years. The crimes listed include murder, manslaughter, rape, physical injury, theft, robbery and carp.

Eleazar said the PNP was able to reduce it further to 68% last month.


All praise

During the change of command on Friday, November 12, Home Secretary Eduardo Año, who presided over the rotation ceremony, praised Eleazar for working hard and achieving positive results in just six months of his period of service as PNP chief.

For his part, the new leader of the PNP, Lieutenant-General Dionardo Carlos, also praised the achievements of his predecessor.



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