Ebdane fights for excellence in maritime education

SAN NARCISO, Zambales: The governor of Zambales, Hermogenes Ebdane Jr., on Thursday committed his new administration to prioritize the development of education in the province, especially the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA), as it strives to become a national maritime institution.

Ebdane, who was the guest of honor and speaker at the opening rites of the maritime school, said the best education would ensure that Zambales becomes a sustainable community, as promised during its inauguration ceremony.

“As the highest official in the province, I would like to raise the level of education in PMMA and in Zambales in general,” he said.

Ebdane added that he is ready to help the students, who he believes will be the warriors of tomorrow.

The governor called on public maritime school officials, as well as teachers and parents, to help raise the bar for maritime education.

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“The PMMA as an educational institution should strive and be committed to strengthening and improving maritime education. Teacher training, the advancement of infrastructure and facilities, and research and development should be part of its push for excellence,” Ebdane said. “Together we can make these dreams come true.”

Ebdane also noted the need for graduates to excel in leadership, as today’s human resource demands not only require technical skills, but also management skills.

The PMMA, which aspires to be declared a national maritime academy, had recently embarked on a 25 million peso program for smart classrooms, remote workshops, online platforms and augmented reality and reality equipment. virtual for its students. Last week, the school also opened new barracks that can accommodate an additional 50 students.

Ebdane’s call for excellence in maritime education came when Marl Cheston Felarca Ravelo, a native of Zambales, valedictorian of PMMA’s Masidlayag class of 2022 with a degree in marine engineering, hailing from the town of San Marcelino, topped the school’s academic lists.

Like other PMMA graduates, Ravelo and the other members of the class had three career paths to choose from: enlist in the Philippine Navy or the Philippine Coast Guard, or join the Merchant Navy Fleet.

Ebdane said that with a projected shortage in the supply of officers in the global shipping industry and a steady increase in demand for seafarers over the next 10 years, PMMA graduates have a bright future. .

“The challenge facing young seafarers is how to stay qualified, competent and relevant,” he said.

Ebdane also urged the aspiring graduates to “sail beyond and conquer the world” and at the same time urged them to share their success especially with those who are in dire need of help.

“If you finally go out to sea to find success, be careful. And if you find success, come back home and share your experience and wisdom with the next generation, so that your victory also becomes the victory of our motherland. ” he said.

The debut drills on Thursday July 7 were the first face-to-face ceremony for the PMMA after two years of online graduation ceremonies due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ceremony was marred by sudden heavy rain in the middle of the two-hour program, but the PMMA cadets valiantly held their formation through the downpour.

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