Church and laity bang on tabling of divorce bill in House

The Catholic Church in the Philippines and lay people have criticized the re-introduction of a bill in the House of Representatives to legalize divorce in the country.

Prof. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the public affairs committee of the Philippine Conference of Catholic Bishops (CBCP), said divorce would only further damage the foundation of the family.

“It is unfortunate that some lawmakers prefer to focus on breaking up marriages rather than fixing them or strengthening marital ties,” the father said. said Secillano.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, lead author of House Bill 78 or the “Absolute Divorce Act,” argued that divorce is a woman’s right.

However, Fr. Secillano said lawmakers should focus on programs that will tackle the real problems of the country such as poverty exacerbated by the pandemic and various issues that have had a profound impact on the economy.

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He pointed out that it is not right for elected officials to prioritize laws that destroy the family instead of uniting them and helping them recover from the hardships they have been through.

“To think that Filipinos are embroiled in much bigger issues, people like (Rep. Edcel) Lagman are busy advancing their irrational pleas instead of legislating policies that will minimize the negative impacts of the relentless rise in oil prices, inflation, rising tariffs, unemployment and Covid-19,” Fr Secillano said.

It will be recalled that in the XVIIth Congress, the divorce bill was also advanced but delayed in the Senate. Rep. Lagman advanced the proposal again in the 18th Congress, but remained only in the Appropriations Committee where the House Technical Working Group’s final deliberation was recorded in March 2020.

The church, along with pro-life groups, strongly oppose the divorce proposal included in the DEATH bills because it is “against the law of the Lord, especially to strengthen the foundations of the family.” .

Prof. Secillano said the decision to “re-promote” divorce is to set aside the greater needs of Filipinos and favor only a few people who promote it.

“The unreasonable penchant of these lawmakers for the divorce bill as we reel from economic devastation tells me that this is no longer about lifting Filipinos out of economic poverty, but a matter of pride and submission to whoever is behind this measure,” he said. Prof. Secillano.

The Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas also denounced the re-filing of the absolute divorce law.

LAIKO’s public relations officer, Brother Xavier Padilla, said allowing divorce in the country would only harm the Filipino family and the moral values ​​of the people.

“The Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas denounce the re-submission by Representative Albay Lagman of his Absolute Divorce Law. Allowing divorce will further harm the Filipino family and attack the morals and values ​​that are inherently Pinoy,” Padilla said. .

Padilla stressed that Filipinos should be aware of the negative effects of divorce on young people, just like in Western countries where young people whose parents are separated often go astray due to lack of guidance.

He said that instead of pushing for divorce, lawmakers should focus more on fully preparing the bride and groom for married life through counseling and deepening their spiritual lives.

“We see in Western countries how divorce affects children and leads them down broken paths. Instead, we should be working on marriage preparation, counseling and stronger support systems for couples and families,” he said. added Padilla.

Currently, there are only two sovereign states in the world where divorce is illegal: the Philippines and Vatican City.

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