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Choose leaders with a heart for the common good — Bishop Du

Palo, the Archbishop of Leyte, John Du, urged voters in the May elections to choose candidates with the common good at heart as an expression of patriotism or love for the country.

Bishop John Du (Radio Veritas image)

In his homily for the Novena Mass offered by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) broadcast on church-run Radio Veritas, Bishop Du encouraged the voting public to choose leaders who will work for the good of all towards a more progressive country. .

“There are many ways to show our patriotism or our love of country, but patriotism is best expressed in our promotion of the common good. In this upcoming election, we hope and pray that all of us will consider the common good as a primary concern in choosing our candidates,” the Church leader said.

The Prelate supports the freedom to choose who to vote for as the country’s next leaders based on beliefs and principles and not because of someone else’s influence or money.

“Let’s respect each other. Our choice reflects our dignity as a person. Let us not be influenced by anything or anyone. Let us exercise our freedom to choose but never give in to hatred or hasty judgement,” Archbishop Du stressed.

“Let’s think seriously about our right to vote, the freedom to choose who will lead our country. Let us diligently seek the truth in order to know what is right and avoid evil,” he added.

The PPCRV Prayer Power 2022 campaign started last September 9th and will last until May 9th, election day. The campaign aims to seek the Lord’s guidance for responsible voting for the future of the country.

The Church continues to conduct voter education through platforms such as the Catholic email forum of the Archdiocese of Manila’s One Godly Vote campaign that helps voters learn about candidates.



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