Can BBM weather the storms? If the war in Ukraine is not the cause, what is?

The last two weeks have seen successive thunderbolts strike geopolitics and global finance. Not since the combined plagues, calamities, barbarian invasions of ancient times, or pre-World War I, have there been such waves of earth-shattering events that occurred in such a short time, creating a presentiment that titans could roam the earth. punish the man.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky this week called on NATO to preemptively attack Russia directly, potentially calling for the outbreak of a direct global war. This after the tension of the previous week when he publicly asked again to join NATO, a direct public challenge to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which, fortunately for the world, was rejected.

Just two weeks ago, the United States destroyed the dreams of Germany and France by blowing up, as the world now suspects, two Nord Stream oil pipelines which were the biggest source of energy for the world. ‘Europe. With these pipes in place, Germany stood a chance of becoming a top world power again when its industry is combined with vast Russian resources. It has been revealed that one of the main written geopolitical strategic goals of the United States was to keep the Germans grounded, never to rise above being an American wingman like the United Kingdom.

Initially, all American and European media, without investigation, immediately blamed Russia for the sabotaged pipes. It was clear to everyone that only a powerful state actor could have the technology and the access to damage the pipes of four adjacent locations in one week. The other suspects were the United States and the United Kingdom but, although suspected by everyone, no one wanted to mention it. Ukraine had a motive, but not the independent ability to do this damage.

The United States became the main alleged culprit in this act of war, war even against its own European allies, as analysts around the world were quick to point out, for the following reasons: 1) Russia had no reason to continue major efforts to destroy the energy pipes; he could easily just turn off the pipes. Destroying the pipes would destroy Russia’s chances of future revenues and the cooperations that Russia and Europe hoped for. 2) US Navy helicopters had been flying in the area where the damage was caused, for hours at a time the previous days, and US Navy vessels have been conducting underwater device tests in the area these past few days. past periods, which is the generally accepted way sabotage has been carried through. 3) US President Biden was on video directly promising to destroy the pipelines in a war. 4) Blinken, instead of bemoaning the event, happily called it a “tremendous opportunity.” 5) Germany and other European countries were suspected by the United States to be reluctant to buy Russian gas again due to growing citizen protests and intense financial and winter pressures and blowing the pipes would remove the choice . 6) The biggest beneficiary of sabotage has been the US, selling energy and weapons very profitably to the EU while banning all other sources.

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Furthermore, the EU and the US REFUSE TO ALLOW RUSSIA TO PARTICIPATE IN THE INVESTIGATION into the pipeline explosion, even though Russia was the first to request a joint investigation. The United States is now clearly the prime suspect in the world, even in Europe, except in the American media.

Amid high, albeit falling, global oil prices, which have fallen from $120 to $80 a barrel, OPEC decided last week to cut production by 2 million barrels a day – which would plunge the world deeper into recession than the EU and US are already on the brink of.

The United States then decided this week that President Maduro of Venezuela was a friend after all. The United States tried for years to destroy it and even installed a rival government and a president of Venezuela in the United States. So the United States did what it is famous for, turned on itself. They will allow Venezuela to operate, to export oil again, but only through and only to the United States.

Venezuela could even use some of its money that was frozen by the United States, returned for food and medicine. (Venezuela should be grateful that the United States allows them to use their own money?) The United States has destroyed the Venezuelan economy for years, with oil production of over 3 million barrels a day falling to only 450,000.

Maybe Venezuela should also ask the UK for its $2 billion in gold. All of these funds and gold are held illegally, based on international agreements and practices.

Russia and four Ukrainian regions signed accession treaties for Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, which agreed to join the Russian state, after elections the West called a sham. Those in the know all know that these areas are populated largely by ethnic Russians who would vote for membership, given that Ukraine had banned them even from speaking their own language and had frequently bombed (Western media refuse to cover them), instead of giving autonomy to as committed to in the Minsk agreements signed by Ukraine, Germany and France.

Rumors have spread of a coup against Xi Jinping in China, based on insinuations from a Falun Gong Zeng, The Epoch Times, a group that annually generates news about the collapsing economy and Chinese business. This invention was spread with great enthusiasm by several American websites and by some Indian websites which spread crazy rumors about China.

Global currencies tumble against the United States as they continue to raise interest rates, after more than a decade of recklessly lowering rates and releasing trillions of US dollars without producing goods. Australia’s central bank is moving deep into notional negative equity territory. The Japanese yen depreciates by more than 25%! from around 114 yen per US dollar at the end of 2021 to less than 142 yen per US dollar in September 2022; except for the Russian ruble, all currencies, including the Philippine peso, are down.

Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss takes the UK from first-world to near-third-world status as the pound tumbles 21% to an all-time low against the US dollar as inflation hits nearly by 9.9%. In this context, against all economic theory except political expediency, it cuts taxes even for the rich, plans to free up even more money in inflation, has frozen energy prices regardless of the level of consumption , with a government subsidy estimated at 130 billion pounds. All these measures have heavily indebted the British finances.

The war in Ukraine is not the reason for the woes of global inflation, currency volatility, world hunger, supply chain disruptions.

The cause of all this is that the United States is militarizing everything to remain the world’s sole superpower. Its sanctions, sequestration of sovereign wealth funds, blocking direct supplies, printing money to buy global goods without producing, blocking the flow of alternative information to allow people to intelligently judge issues, fake news US intelligence agencies to cause wars, insisting countries not involved should participate in the war… These are the causes of the downfall of the world today, disguised by preaching about the defense of human rights , a level playing field and peace.

The Philippine DFA and DND don’t have to side with Russia or China, they just have to act smart based on facts and history. Failing to listen to broader sets of informed parties on different dimensions of the issues, declaring as some foreign affairs and defense leaders have done, preemptively, that the Philippines will participate in any US-led war that might be an indication of the control the United States has over our current agency heads, led by a public relations operation, their lack of knowledge of the facts, even their basic ability to position themselves and negotiate well for the Filipino people.

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