Briones: Vaccination prescription not mandatory

CAUAIAN CITY, Isabelle: Education Secretary Leonor Briones clarified that the vaccination order for teachers and school staff is not mandatory but strongly encouraged “for the greatest interest and for national protection”.

During his virtual press conference with media professionals in Cagayan Valley on Friday, January 21, Briones said that “although it is voluntary on their part, they have to make a choice, they have to take antigen tests and assume the costs to show that they are exempt and not contagious.”

“If they do not wish to be vaccinated, they can opt to work from home. However, they will be subject to regular monitoring and close monitoring by [Education] officials,” Briones said.

Unvaccinated teachers, however, would be required to have medical clearances and negative antigen results before being allowed to mingle with vaccinated people, she added.

Briones said that the national government was pushing for vaccination and that is why the Ministry of Education also adopted the order of Malacañang, which is “for the national interest and the protection of the majority and to have the control of the people’s health system. “

Briones also criticized some educators for violating “political neutrality,” which is clearly a violation of the rules and regulations of the Elections Commission and the Public Service Commission.

“As government employees, if you participate in public debates and are not neutral on issues [such as vaccination]you are subject to the rule of law,” she added.

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