Alert Level 3 in Metro Manila from Jan 3 as cases increase, Omicron increases risk

December 31, 2021 | 8:14 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Metro Manila will move to stricter Alert Level 3 from January 3 to 15, 2022, the palace announced on Friday evening.

The heightened alert level is in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases and the detection of three local cases of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in the Philippines.

“The epidemiological investigation into the three local cases indicates that there is a strong possibility of local transmission of Omicron,” Cabinet secretary Karlo Nograles, who is also the acting presidential spokesman, told media.

The palace initially said the whole of the Philippines would be below Alert Level 2 until January 15. The Department of Health, however, counted 2,961 new cases of COVID-19 on the last day of the year. The announcement of tightening restrictions in the capital came hours later.

“In the next few days, we might see an increase in active cases,” Nograles also said.

Metro Manila entered Alert Level 2 in early November as cases declined.

What is alert level 3?

According to the government’s alert system, Alert Level 3 will be raised in areas where COVID-19 cases are high or increasing and there is increasing use of hospital beds and unit beds. intensive care.

Cinemas, cinemas and other businesses are allowed to operate at 30% of the capacity of covered theaters for fully vaccinated people and at 50% of the capacity of outside theaters.

Most activities, including gatherings for vigils and funerals, are permitted at 30% of the capacity of indoor sites for fully vaccinated persons and 50% of the capacity of outdoor sites.

The government pandemic task force determines that these activities are “at high risk of transmission” and will not be permitted to operate below Alert Level 3.

  • Face-to-face course for basic education, unless approved by the pandemic working group or the president’s office
  • Contact sports, except those practiced in a bubble-like configuration
  • Fairgrounds / peryas and children’s entertainment industries such as playgrounds, game rooms and children’s rides
  • Venues with performers and audiences of voice or wind instruments such as karaoke bars, bars, clubs, concert halls and theaters
  • Casinos, horse racing, cockfighting and cockpit operations, lottery and betting shops and other gaming establishments, except as authorized by the Pandemic Task Force or the President’s Office
  • Gatherings in residences with individuals not belonging to the same household

Government agencies will be fully operational below Alert Level 3, with at least 30% of their workers visiting. – with a report by Xave Gregorio

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