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By Seth Cabanban and Aaron Dioquino

Of the 17 Local Government Units (LGUs) in the National Capital Region (NCR), four cities have achieved herd immunity to coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

A Makati resident receives her first dose of Sinovac vaccine at the newly opened vaccination center in Glorietta 5 on June 10, 2021. (Ali Vicoy / File photo / MANILA BULLETIN)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), herd immunity, or population immunity, “is” the indirect protection against an infectious disease that occurs when a population is immunized either by vaccination or by the immunity developed by a previous infection ”.

The local governments of San Juan, Las Pinas and Marikina have said they have achieved herd immunity by vaccinating their target population, equivalent to 70 percent of the total population. Taguig announced that by October 13, it had achieved 100 percent immunization of its eligible population.


San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora announced on August 10 that the city had achieved collective immunity when fully vaccinated individuals reached 98,590, or 74.4 percent of its total population.

The latest report from the San Juan Public Information Office dated October 24 listed 176,573 second total doses administered, or 199.7% of the goal of 70% of the target population and 139.75% of the total population. .

San Juan has a population of 126,347, according to a 2020 census from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). In September, San Juan also began offering the vaccination to non-residents.


The mayor of Las Pinas, Imelda Aguilar, announced on October 25 that the city had achieved collective immunity.

She said 90.6% of the target population of 447,086 people were fully vaccinated and 99.9% of them received their first dose.

A city government update on October 23 showed that 417,921 second doses were administered, representing 70.3% of the total population of Las Pinas and 100.4% of the target population.

A total of 449,555 people received at least one dose, which is equivalent to 64.6% of the population of Las Pinas and 92.2% of the target population.

Las Pinas has a total population of 638,694, according to its public information office.


The Taguig city government announced on October 14 that it had achieved full immunization of 100 percent of its target population.

As of October 13, 611,990 people were fully vaccinated in Taguig, or 70% of its total population of 872,980 based on the 2021 population projection from the Ministry of Health.

“The city of Taguig will continue to focus on its community vaccination program,” the city government said.


As of October 23, Mandaluyong had fully vaccinated 420,050 people while 472,697 had received their first dose. A 2020 census by the Statistics Authority of the Philippines (PSA) showed that Mandaluyong has a total population of 425,759.


According to an Oct. 21 Manila Public Information Office (MPIO) report, the city has two population bases for its target. The Elections Commission (Comelec) lists the population of Manila at 1,065,149 while according to the Department of Health (DOH) the city has a population of 1,351,487.

The MPIO report lists 1,291,016 people who were fully vaccinated in Manila, representing 121.2% of Comelec’s figures and 95.5 of the DOH-listed population.

In addition, 1,374,036 received at least their first dose, or 129% of the Comelec target and 101.7% of the DOH target.


Mayor Marcy Teodoro, in an interview with DZMM Teleradyo on October 21, said Marikina had been granted collective immunity although the city government had not made an official announcement about it.

“Ang magandang nakikikita natin dito, dahil marami ngang nabakunahan na, meron na tayong herd immunity, four percent of active cases lamang ng natin ang nasa ospital,” he said while discussing COVID-19 cases in the city .

Teodoro said 382,000 people have been vaccinated in Marikina, or 78 percent of the city’s general population.


The Muntinlupa city government said that as of October 23, 297,599 people had been fully vaccinated, or 77.2 percent of the target population of 385,725. The target population represents 70 percent of the estimated total population of Muntinlupa. to 551,036.

In contrast, 353,490 individuals received their first dose, or 91.6% of the target population.


According to the Paranaque Public Information Office, as of October 13, there were 441,519 fully vaccinated people in the city, or 83.7% of the target population of 521,410, while 527,480 received their first dose, i.e. 101.2% of target.

There are 744,872 citizens in the city of Paranaque, according to the City of Paranaque Health Office.


As of October 24, the Makati government website listed 308,002 people as fully immunized, representing 70.5 percent of the 437,192 target population.

In addition, 405,026 individuals were listed as having received the first dose, or 92.6% of the target population. According to the website, Makati has a total population of 624,560.


The latest vaccine report dated Oct. 23 by the Pasig Public Information Office showed that 375,577 people were fully vaccinated and 439,327 received the first dose.

Based on its target population of 421,659, Pasig fully immunized 89 percent of the target and 104 percent for the first dose.



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