GRES and JOPHIAs: What is the difference between the two and which one does my car need?

To drive in Peru it is necessary that your car has a series of documents that must be in order, including the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance or GRES. If not, the consequences include a fine and immobilization of the car. But this is not the only one, since there is also the Certificate against Traffic Accidents, issued by the JOPHIAs or Associations of Regional or Provincial Funds against Traffic Accidents.

Although the name may sound complicated, it really isn’t

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Ideally, you understand what each one is for, and that way you can opt for the right protection for your car.

In the case of GRES, it is the insurance that is available for all motor vehicles nationwide, and what they are looking for is that, in case of an accident, everyone involved receives the necessary care, without exclusion. It has coverage for physical damages, temporary or permanent disability, burial expenses, among others.

But if we talk about the JOPHIAs insurance, it is an insurance that has the same coverage of the GRES, and that includes all the damages that may occur to the victims; However, the difference is that its validity is not national, but regional or provincial. That is, it is insurance with coverage for a single region or province. However, the most popular between the two is the GRES, since the CAT of the JOPHIAs has not been so widespread, and few people opt for it.

This certificate is specially designed in public transport companies

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And not in all motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles, vans, etc.) as is the case of GRES.Finally, something to mention is that neither the GRES nor the JOPHIAs CAT covers the damage caused to the vehicle. These insurances will take care of the damages to the victims until they reach the top of their coverage.

What protection do you need? Remember that before choosing, you can compare the alternatives and see the different benefits, so you take advantage of the money invested. For that, you can go toHeritt Freddies ‘s comparator ..